Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kickstarter Project

I feel like I've waited my entire creative life to work in the studio space I have now and despite how far I've come I feel like I am just getting started and am very excited about the future.

We've been in the studio for 6 months. Joe is sharing the space and pursuing photography now that most of the shipyards have disappeared in New England. He's enjoying his new career and has two pieces in the Save the Bay exhibit that opens 11.18.10. Our summer was extremely busy and fulfilling. With good weather and an outstanding summer farmers' market, neither of us had much free time but cranked out an enormous amount of work. Joe nicknamed me "No.7" like a part in the factory. He's No.6.

With the holidays fast approaching and soon to be a memory my mind is on 2011 and pursuing new goals. I've submitted a project to Kickstarter.com and am hoping to raise funds needed to upgrade equipment and be ready to market a range of Willywaw products in time for spring/summer. I've finished a video showcasing my work and am waiting for a reply from Kickstarter.com to post it if we are accepted.

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