Monday, March 1, 2010

Kaleidoscope Leaf Placemats

Only two farmers' markets left for the season and as successful as it was, I am really looking forward to a break and working on new designs for spring and summer. I have signed up for the entire summer season with Coastal Growers' at Casey Farm as well as the URI May Festival and Virtu Arts Festival in Westerly. Dates will be posted on my web and Etsy site.

My newest batch of prints was inspired by a loyal market customer who requested a set of multi-colored placemats in my favorite bug-eaten oak leaf design. It took a several days to print as I needed to clean the screen after each color.

My Mum found the oak leaf and gave it to me years ago and it is a treasure for sure. I know I still have it somewhere but was able to find a scan of it and re-worked it a bit for the graphic. I used it as a logo for years when I was doing freelance illustration work and thought it would be perfect printed on triple-washed hemp canvas for placemats and on linen union for pillows.